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2 days
165 miles
19 years and still rolling
$12.3 million and still going

fact #1)  florida leads the nation in new hiv sero-conversion cases despite the wide availability of preventative medications and practices

fact #2)  this disease is no longer fatal. doctors and research scientists have rendered it "chronic" through highly effective monitored treatment and education. this doesn't mean the aids epidemic is over or fact #1 wouldn't be true.


these doesn't have to remain as "facts". they can be "past". the smart ride raises money for florida hiv nonprofit community health care providers who serve low to no income people who are the most at risk for contracting hiv or who need help managing their disease. discussion, education, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment will ensure we all live longer, healthier lives. #endthestigma #endaids

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.
 John Bunyan