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salon lofts midtown tampa

(813) 919-5297

of helping people love their hair.

​hello. i am marc retzlaff. for over 30 years i have worked in salons in new york and dc and, for the past 15 of those years, right here in tampa.  I bring all of this experience, creativity, and professionalism to you and dedicate my talents to help you love your hair. i have been fortunate over the years to have worked in some amazing places - studio and boutique salons, family salons, large and bustling city salons, and fashion runway shows - along side some of the most creative hair stylists and colorists, sharing and learning from each other. the greatest privilege I've been granted on this path has been working with a multitude of beautiful, diverse, and unique clients. they have helped me develop the ability to listen and really hear what people saying; to hear what they are asking for. it has been my honor to work with these thousands of people - all different kinds of people with all different kinds of hair - who have entrusted me with the care for this very personal projection of their personality.  so whether you are looking for a curly hair specialist, a balayage and hair color expert, someone to help you find your best you, or simply a stylist who will really hear you and consistently cut your hair with precision to the style you want, please give me a try. et me help you love your hair. let me help you make your marc.